3550R Touch-Screen Radio Test System

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Multi-Language support includes Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, German, French, etc.

The 3550R now includes test capabilities for field and bench testing of TETRA base stations! The 3550R is the first truly portable touch-screen radio communication test system. The 3550R takes radio and repeater site testing to the next level with a quantum leap in an easy to use, integrated test system for complete radio receiver and transmitter performance testing, cable fault and antenna system analysis. With its ultra-responsive resistive touch-screen, the 3550R brings a whole new experience to RF testing.

  • Next generation touch-screen operation

  • Internal battery provides 4.5 hours of true portability on one charge

  • Super light magnesium alloy – 8.3 lbs/3.75 kg weight

  • Complete support for AM, FM, DMR, P25, NXDN™, dPMR and ARIB T98

  • Define your own test screens and then save for future use

  • 0º to 50º C operating range

  • 0.15 ppm timebase with exclusive "Freq-Flex" external flexible frequency reference

“This firmware is compatible with all the 3550 Series products. See release notes for more information.”

Complete RF Transmitter Testing: With integrated RF power, RSSI, frequency error and modulation meters, the 3550R provides complete analysis of AM, FM, P25, TETRA, DMR, dPMR, NXDN, and ARIB T98 radio systems.

Complete Analog Test System: The 3550R includes the capability to perform direct connect type testing on a radio. All radio parameters including power, frequency error, modulation accuracy, receiver sensitivity, and audio performance are easily accessed and tested.

Remote Operation and Remote File Access: The 3550R has the perfect solution for you to remotely monitor tough to find system anomalies through your smartphone, tablet, or PC anywhere on the planet.

Channel Analyzer: RF signals can be graphically analyzed with the Channel Analyzer option of the 3550R. The channel analyzer allows the user to analyze up to 5 MHz spectrum of signals from a repeater, a mobile radio, or a hand-held, while at the time demodulating the signal and taking modulation measurements.

AAR Channel Plan Option: AAR stands for Association of American Railroads and is an association of US and Canadian railroads. This option controls the RF frequency of both the generator and receiver of the 3550R based on the channel number.

Indoor Signal Coverage Testing using TRX Systems NEON® Signal Mapper Application

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